004: The Chat Podcast with guest, Joshua R. Mosley, Award Winning Composer and Producer

May 26, 2017


Award winning composer and producer, Joshua R. Mosley stops by The Chat Podcast Lounge to discuss his contribution to the Baywatch movie score. He recounts his journey of growing up in a musical family, and why destiny led him to a career in composing. Plus, we'll learn about his studio setup and get a peek behind the process of writing for film, television, and the gaming industry. Be sure to join us for the latest installment of The Chat!


003: The Chat Podcast with guest, Chaunine Joy Landau, Professional Artist and Illustrator

May 18, 2017


Professional artist and illustrator, Chaunine Joy Landau joins us to discuss what inspires her to create. We learn more about her whimsical style and she shares why this was the right time to focus solely on her art career. In addition, Chaunine has a great offer for listeners of the podcast, so stay tuned. We've got it all right here, in this episode of The Chat!


002: The Chat Podcast with guest, Joel Christopher Payne, Disney Interpretive Artist

May 12, 2017


Disney interpretive artist, Joel Christopher Payne graciously stops by the Chat Podcast lounge prior to the unveiling of his latest work, "The Pride". He shares a little history behind the final piece in the trilogy and also reveals some magical details regarding "Let's Dance", his tribute painting to "Beauty and the Beast". We also learn about Friendliens, a line of toys that are focused on and committed to the well-being of children. All that AND more, in this episode of The Chat!


001: The Chat Podcast with guest, Linda Melone, Fitness Expert & Author

May 10, 2017


Welcome to The Chat Podcast! We're joined by Linda Melone as she shares her personal journey to becoming a four-time certified personal trainer, award-winning author, and successful business owner. In addition, Linda answers listener's fitness questions. It's all right here, in this episode of The Chat!